Most of the companies expected these below-mentioned skills from the entry level developers.
when they hire an entry-level developer they should expect and ask you in the interview session.

1.Basics of Object-oriented programming

Every entry-level developer should know at least some concepts of abstract classes / Methods, interfaces, inheritance.

2.Understanding of MVC
MVC is an application design pattern. MVC stands for Model, view, controller.
In MVC model described to application data and business logic, View described to presentation and the controller is the action point. It acted between Model and controller
You should know how MVC works, What is the benefit of using MVC frameworks and you should get experience from one common MVC framework.

3.Web services
Web services are XML based information exchange system. It connects from application to the internet system through the API's.
API's are application program interface .

4.Database management systems
Database management systems are a collection of structured information. You should know about What is the use and how to use the DBMS and its functionality.
Most using DBMS are:
  • MySQL.
  • PostGreSQL.
  • Oracle.
  • Sybase.
  • DB2
At least you should know the functions of the above-mentioned skills when you go to an interview. This would be a great benefit to you to getting a chance to select you when they hire a PHP developer for their company.